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Hot News We have added more entrees that are 350 grams and have been taste tested and given the seal of delicious. Don't miss out on trying these great meals as your customer base will surely grow.

Humanistic Fare's founder, Penny Redmond is passionate in finding excellent meals for Meals On Wheels clients. She started working as a consultant for a Meals on Wheels food provider and the objective was to find HACCP recognized and CFIA food suppliers that produce nutritional and tasty meals.

She quickly identified many excellent food suppliers but due to logistical barriers they did not want to supply Meals on Wheels. Plus,  the suppliers made great frozen entrées but not with the nutritional needs that are required for Meals on Wheels clients. 

Penny knew the only way she could get better tasting and nutritional meals was to start a company that could pull food from many suppliers. She would have to work with HACCP recognized and CFIA inspected suppliers to develop frozen entrées, soups and desserts and then store it in one location.  Then, Meals on Wheels food providers could easily order from one location.

Many surveys were done with Meals on Wheels clients to establish what they need and like.  She believes that each Meals on Wheels food providers has specific needs according to their demographics. Penny then worked diligently with food suppliers to tailor meals to what was needed for her initial clients location.

Penny is currently working with Meals On Wheels food providers in different parts of the city to better understand their clients needs. More meals are being tailored to our ethnic population in the GTA but still observing the homey meals still liked by many.


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